Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift Basket – Corporate Gift

You can scarcely believe that anything can be more delicious than your favorite fruit, strawberries. And yet Chocolate can turn your regular juicy fruit into a fun.

An Exciting Flavor With Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift Basket

GTA gift basket promises a feast of flavors, and everyone – man, woman, and child – will relish the idea of popping one of these delectable treats into their mouth and experiencing the exciting flavors. 

Why not give these unique chocolate covered strawberries gift basket ideas instead of your usual gift ideas? Any occasion is made that much better when someone receives such an awesome present. Who wouldn’t love to snack on these treats while watching TV, reading a book or for after-dinner treats?

Canada has excellent strawberry growing conditions with a climate that pretty much allows for strawberry growing throughout the year. Most strawberries are June-bearing varieties but there are other varieties that have a longer harvest season. You can be sure that with these chocolate covered ideas, the strawberries selected will be large, firm, juicy and fresh.  Getting your gift basket from a reliable source will ensure that old, bruised strawberries aren’t ‘hidden’ under the chocolate.

With fruit baskets, only the very best, freshest fruit is used to ensure the best gift baskets Toronto has to offer.  Gift basket delivery is included and your gift is delivered to the recipients’ door with all the contents of the basket intact and looking beautiful.
Any occasion is made better with this thoughtful gift and a little bit of what you fancy is the ideal gift. The combination of gourmet strawberries and chocolate, beautifully put together with ribbons will ensure extra enjoyment.