Eid al Fitr Gift Basket (Raw-Almond Cashew Date-Walnut)

Eid al-Fitr is a time of celebrating the end of Ramadan and enjoying time with loved ones. What better way to show your loved ones you care, than by giving them an Eid al Fitr gift basket full of dates and premium nuts. A combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy flavors. This Eid al Fitr Gift Basket (Raw-Almond Cashew Date-Walnut) treat is sure to delight, and it’s a delicious way to show your loved ones how much you think of them during this special time.

What contents of this Eid Gift Basket make it special for your loved ones?

Eid is a special occasion for Muslims. Therefore, we have collected some special and traditional items to make this Eid more memorable for your loved ones.

The basket includes the following ingredients:

  • Raw almonds  – These are full of healthy fats, proteins, and fiber. They are a great source of energy and make a perfect snack for those who are fasting during Ramadan.
  • Cashews –  These are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They offer a variety of health benefits, including heart health and cancer prevention.
  • Dates stuffed with walnuts – Which are a healthy and delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dates are a good source of fiber and nutrients, and they provide a sustained release of energy. Walnuts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart health.

These healthy and delicious ingredients are sure to please your loved ones and bring happiness to their faces. Order your Eid al-Fitr gift basket today!

GTA Eid al Fitr gift basket delivery Toronto

In Greater Toronto Area, 7.7% population is Muslim. So to cater to the needs of Muslims on this special occasion of Eid, GTA Gift Basket has started a special delivery service for Eid. During the occasion of Eid, you can place your order for same-day delivery in the Greater Toronto Area. We will deliver your order on the same day without any delay through our super fast delivery. So order today and enjoy your hassle-free Eid.

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