Dozen Red Roses

Dozen Red Roses, There are millions of ways to express your love, but none of them can beat flowers. Especially when it’s red roses, you need no fancy gifts to express your pure love. Dozen Red Roses bouquet will say your heart out.

These charismatic red roses are no less than a spectacular gift for those who know the value associated with a red rose. As it represents love, passion, romance, and is used to convey very special feelings for your special person. Toronto florists pick the most perfect blooms delivered to our flower shop in order to make this Bouquet for you. The freshness and quality of roses will speak for themselves.

It will bring your recipient a smile:

A dozen roses  look so alluring and promise you to bring a smile to your recipient’s face. Simple yet attractive; this captivating arrangement of roses is one of the best arrangements in town when it comes to love expression. This is why it’s sold more often on rose days, valentines’ days, and romantic evenings, etc.

Specs of Dozen Red Roses:

  • 12 Freshly picked and fragrant blooms of red rose, tied nicely with a bow.
  • It will make an enchanting gift for occasions like:
    • Rose day
    • Love & Romance day
    • Valentine’s Day
    • Romantic evenings
  • Add some sweetness by ordering chocolate bars with these lovely roses.
  • The perfect crimson red roses. 
  • All roses have long stems so you can place them in any long glass vase, or fancy vase to add a unique corner to magnify the beauty of your room.
  • Send along a decent card with heartfelt emotions written beautifully. This will have a different impact and will add value to your gift.
  • Add more love to your bouquet by clicking here.


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