Getting ready for a night wedding function and worrying about which Bouquet to carry? Dozen White Roses are the ultimate first choice for events like these. When it comes to a perfect gift for the bride, white roses of purity and innocence shouldn’t receive a second thought. What else can make a beautiful bridal gift as white roses?

White roses – our customers’ choice: 

According to Toronto florists, these white roses are our best-selling flowers during wedding seasons. Since white color is highly associated with youthfulness, eternal love, and loyalty, that is why they are quite famous for wedding decors and make great wedding gifts.

Just imagine a bride in a white long dress receiving this beautiful combination of whites roses and green lemon leaves, she will feel honored and this gesture will be remembered forever. So honor your loved ones in recognition of their new beginning or bid a hopeful farewell to them.

Specs of Dozen White Roses:

  • Fresh white roses, along with a unique color, have a distinctive fragrance that will freshen up the air around them.
  • This bouquet arrangement combines white roses and green lemon leaves in a moderate proportion which gives it an elegant look.
  • White roses symbolize chastity, innocence and a new beginning, hence make an ideal gift for events like wedding day, wedding anniversary etc.  
  • People often like their wedding decor in white because of white roses’ association with youthfulness and eternal love, that is why it fits your every need at weddings.
  • The great news is our Toronto florists offer same day delivery Toronto, 24/7. So book your order now to avail it.

A bouquet of roses is enough to showcase what you are wishing your special one but make your present more special by adding some Chocolate Dipped Fruit Baskets and much more in addition to white roses. Click here to add.

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