The Eternal Affection Bouquet has so many shades of pink; bright pink big blooms, medium-sized light pink roses, oriental lilies and myrtle leaves – which add a texture to the overall look of this bouquet. It’s the pointed glossy leaves and long stem that makes myrtle leaves so attractive in the bouquet for Toronto florists. It literally completes this pinkish-whitish affection bouquet by adding traces of green in it.

Many floral decoders use greenery while flower arrangements because they believe greenery compliments the bouquet and symbolizes a new beginning. This is true. We, Toronto florists, also love to play with colors of red, pink, and greens to bring out the best combination for you.

The fragrance of pink roses, lilies and myrtle keeps you refreshed all day long. This

is made with a perfect ratio of pinks and greens. That looks extra elegant and gorgeous. An ideal present for your best friend on her birthday, family get together, official party, etc. 

Pink flowers are love in Eternal Affection Bouquet:

If you love pink colour, show yourself some self-love by getting this oh-so-pretty bouquet on a random day especially when you feel so low. This will alter your mood and make you happy, these natural scents will sooth your mind and bring you self-confidence. More so, a super card with relevant quotes will help you realize your self-worth. Give it a try, we are open to deliveries.

Specs of Eternal Affection Bouquet:

Different volumes are available:

  • Deluxe Bouquet has 9 roses and some alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily and greenery as  israeli ruscus.
  • Premium Bouquet: 10 roses, more alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily and greenery as  israeli ruscus.
  • Premium Plus Bouquet: 12 roses, myrtles and some extra alstroemeria or Peruvian Lily and greenery as  israeli ruscus.
  • Israeli Ruscus green color looks so natural and refreshing.
  • Fast delivery across Canada.
  • Careful and quick delivery for Vaughan.
  • Perfect self-care bouquet of flowers that will boost your mental health

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