Food is a must item for the preparations as well as for the celebrations of every occasion. Therefore, food and cheese wooden gift crate is the gift that can be presented by you to the special person. It is one of the best gift baskets Toronto, presented in a beautiful arrangement. We can deliver it anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area through gift baskets delivery Toronto. This food gift basket is a healthy combo of dried fruits and other food items. Its recipient will experience your love and care. Furthermore, he or she will enjoy the matchless taste of these food items.

The contents of food and cheese wooden gift crate:

This gift basket Toronto contains the following food items with the quantity specified.

1.         Jack Cheese spread in a 3.5 oZ packing.
2.         One mustard pack with 3.5 oz quantity.
3.         Three packs of summer sausage with 5 oZ quantity each.
4.         Brie cheese spread in a 3.5 oZ packing.
5.         Merlot Cheddar cheese spread with quantity 3.5 oZ.
6.         Finest dried apricots in a packing of 4 oZ quantity.
7.         Roasted Pistachios in a pack of 3 oZ.
8.         Dried pears in 3 oZ quantity pack.
9.         Lastly, mixed dried fruits in a quantity pack of 3 oZ.

            All of the above mentioned food items have been presented in a rustic wooden gift crate. Furthermore, the yellow and parrot ribbons combo in a butterfly shape makes this food gift basket perfect.

How to send or present the food and cheese wooden gift crate?

            The best practice is that you send or present it along with some beautiful flowers. Secondly, add one of the following items to it to make it special.

  1. Your message on a card.
  2. A little teddy bear.
  3. Some balloons for celebrations.

Furthermore, there are a lot more options for you to send some special gift baskets through gift baskets delivery Toronto. You can also pick from the following.

Snack to you

Irresistibly good treat