Lovers convey their love more often than couples. This red roses fancy bouquet is best for those husbands and wives who want to revive their romantic moments. Surprise your partner with a red rose bouquet and ignite the feeling of love in their heart. They will certainly confess their heartfelt emotions to you because who wouldn’t feel special this way?

There are millions of ways to tell the person ‘you love them’ but when it is said through flowers, it becomes priceless. You can show your love to your partner every other day through these flowers. And a beautiful vase glowing with red roses and some baby’s breaths will keep the love air refreshing.

Does Red Roses Fancy Bouquet come with baby’s breath?

Yes, this elegant bouquet has a cute little baby’s breath too. Since a baby’s breath has a long lifespan, they can stay fresh for weeks. We all know that baby’s breath adds colors and beauty to all rose bouquets but with red, they make a stunning combination. 

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Specs of Red Roses Fancy Bouquet:

  • Deluxe packaging has 6 red roses, Premium has 12 and ultra-premium has 18, all along with baby’s breath
  • Equal ratio of scarlet-red, green and white coloured flowers. 
  • Same day delivery near Toronto 

You can use this intricate bouquet for different occasions like, rose day, pre-birthday day, chocolate day, and more. Click here to see what other things make the perfect combo with this fancy bouquet.