Vanilla Ecstasy Bouquet

There is something so tasteful and delicate about a white rose. Now imagine several white roses encompassed in lush greenery. The Vanilla Ecstasy Bouquet fulfills that vision of beauty and elegance. The combination of stark white roses alongside eucalypts plants, encourages a relaxing spirit. Between how visually beautiful the arrangement is and the scent, this piece is such to place whoever encounters it in a peaceful state of mind.

Scent is important for instances like these as it has the ability to soothe the mind, and therefore the body. The use of eucalypts aids in the relaxation of  both relaxation and mental clarity, therefore making this the ideal gift for someone who may suffer from anxiety.

This Bouquet Includes:

This bouquet is customizable, so feel free to inquire about any changes you would like made.

  • long stem white roses
  • eucalypts plants
  • exotic greenery
  • vase

We Deliver!

This gorgeous bouquet adds a calming energy to your space, so let us further that experience by allowing us to deliver it to your door. Add a delicious sweet treat to your order, as well, providing you with snacks and scents in one single delivery!

If that option interests you, please contact us at or call at 416-568-8009 for delivery within the Greater Toronto Area.