Canada is home to 37.59 million people, composing of different ethnicity. This results in a diverse culture which is one of the unique features of Canada. However, People of different ethnicity celebrate every Canadian occasion with zest and zeal. The same is the case with the Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations. New Year eve 2021 and New Year day are public holidays in Canada. Therefore, everyone rings in the New Year with their loved ones by indulging themselves in different activities such as gatherings, family feasts, hang out with friends, fireworks, and many more.

Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations and Covid-19:

            If we look back at the year 2020, it was all covered by the Covid-19 pandemic. There is not much for most of us to celebrate. However, we should remain optimistic as the vaccine of the contagious virus has been prepared by scientists. Therefore, let’s see towards the future and welcome the New Year in a positive tone. Enjoy New Year’s Eve with your loved one. As you know celebrations are incomplete without gifts, presents, and parties. Therefore, order online any of the New Year gift baskets available at GTA Gift Baskets for your loved ones. We are the best gift baskets maker in the Greater Toronto Area. Furthermore, we deliver on the same day through gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill.  These amazing gifts will make these celebrations more pleasant and memorable. Is there any reason that these gifts will not bring happiness to the faces of its receiver?  

Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations ideas:

            With the Covid-19 pandemic still hovering over humanity, the New Year Eve 2021 and celebrations should be made carefully. As a precautionary measure, we should celebrate these occasions by following the Covid-19 SOPs. The outdoor activities must be minimal to stop the spread of the virus. However, it does not mean that we cannot celebrate. The following are some Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations ideas:

  1. Send New Year hampers to your friends, family and loved ones through same-day delivery services of GTA gift baskets. 
  2. Prepare some delicious foods and enjoy it with your children and all members living in your house. 
  3. Order online gifts and toys for your children. This will be a great surprise and enjoyment for your children. 
  4. Send happy New Year’s gift cards and flowers, with your special note.
  5. Arrange a virtual celebration party and invite all of your immediate family members i.e. mother, father, grandparents and sibling’s family members. You can do the following activities in this Virtual party through the internet: 

    i)    Play theme music in the background of the party for the year 2021. 

    ii)   Share your thank you messages for everyone attending the virtual party, for their love and support in the year 2020. 

    iii)  Everyone can share his or her personal goals in the year 2021. (Sharing your goals with your loved ones give you resolve to achieve them) 

    iv)  You can ask everyone to share one challenge thing, one pleasant thing in the year 2020, and one optimistic thing looking forward in the year 2021. 

    v)  Ask everyone to give any prediction for the year 2021.

Outdoor enthusiasts and Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations:

If you are an outdoor enthusiast and want to ring in the New Year’s Eve 2021 outdoor then the following places are for you. However, make sure to follow the Covid-19 SOPs and maintain a social distance at these places.

  • The mighty Niagara Falls in Ontario.
  • Spectacular Northern Lights in Yukon.
  • Northwest Territories for skiing.
  • Waterfront Festival in Vancouver.
  • L’Olympia de Montreal in Montreal.

There are countless places in Canada to explore but these are some of the popular places. Can you pick one place from these to enjoy & indulge with your wife and children in these holidays? If yes then have a safe journey.

Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations and GTA gift baskets:

          How is it possible that the New Year 2021 is being celebrated and the GTA Gift Baskets store remains silent? On this eve of happiness, we are proud to present a dazzling array of New Year gift baskets. Our collection comprises every type of gift i.e. fruit baskets, chocolate baskets, food baskets, and many sweet delights for you.  Let us further guide you in selecting any gift hamper for Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations. We have divided our New Year gifts collection in the following categories.

  • Gifts under $ 60.
  • Gifts under $ 100.
  • Lavish gifts above $ 100.

Gifts under $ 60:

          This category has been special created for people who are looking for budget-friendly gifts, without compromising on quality. Our quality and prices are the best in the town as compared with other gift stores. You can select any of the following from this ravishing category.

Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations, New year gift baskets, gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill Covid-19

Holiday Fruit Fusion ( $ 54.99)


Fruit And Poinsettia Basket ($ 58.99)

Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations, New year gift baskets, gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill Covid-19

Everything Sweet ($ 59.99)


Gifts under $ 100:

            This category meets the needs of people who want to celebrate this New Year with their immediate family i.e. wife and children. These gifts are best suited to serve 4 to 6 people. So place an order from the following for same-day delivery in the GTA. You also rest assured that we will deliver through swift delivery i.e. gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill.

Discover our Delicious ($88.95)


Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations, New year gift baskets, gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill Covid-19

Snowflake ($94.95)

Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations, New year gift baskets, gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill Covid-19

Temptations ($94.99)



Lavish gifts above $ 100:

                Our lavish or premium category starts above $ 100. The quantity and quality of these gift baskets are amazing. These gifts are amazing and will definitely jaw-dropping when received by your loved ones. So, don’t think anymore, order any of the following to bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones.


Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations, New year gift baskets, gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill Covid-19

Fruit and Gourmet Basket ($149.99)


Satisfaction ($189.99)

Canadian New Year 2021 celebrations, New year gift baskets, gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill Covid-19

Tower of Treats ($142.99)


Tip for buying online:

  • Do complete research before placing any online order.
  • Compare the quality of products, not the prices because the quality is more important than quantity.
  • Furthermore, don’t fall prey to click baits like gift baskets under $ 20, under $ 30 and etc.
  • Don’t forget to send Happy New Year’s flowers on New Year night.
  • A personalized note on the gift card will make the flowers and gift basket more amazing and beautiful.
  • Always go for same-day delivery services like gift baskets delivery Richmond Hill.