Getting a whole box of various chocolates or even just a piece wrapped up nicely may seem like the sweetest and lovely gift ever. Almost everyone has some love for chocolates, no matter how old they are. Gifting someone a whole basket of adorned, delicious chocolates on their wedding day has got to be the best gift ever. Chocolate wedding gifts have become a trend and are highly appreciated and loved by everyone everywhere.

There are many different ways of arranging these gift baskets according to the person’s taste and style. From candy bars to crunchy chocolate balls with nuts, you can gift a basket full of sweetness and love to the couple.

Chocolate Bouquets

For the bouquets, you can arrange various small pieces of chocolates, preferably in a circle and attach them to a stick. Choose chocolates with different colored wrappers to give a vibrant and playful look. Wrap them up like a flower bouquet and tie a big bow with a ribbon at the front and you are good to go. If you want, you can also insert a small card inside the arrangement for the newly married couple.

Engraved chocolate bars

These personalized chocolate bars are not only a delicious treat, but they also create a beautiful memory. You can choose any kind of chocolate you want and engrave the couple’s names or initials on it. If you don’t want to do the engraving part, you can easily cover the wrapper of the bar with either the names of the couple or the wedding date. You can even attach a photo of them if you want.

Memories and chocolates

Memories and chocolates have got to be the best idea for chocolate wedding gifts. Any size or shape of chocolate can work perfectly well for this one. Use some goofy and adorable photos for these. What could be better than personalizing a treat by putting your loved one’s face on it?

Chocolate Eggs

These eggs are just the thing for a spring-themed wedding. Chocolate eggs come in various flavors and colors and are extremely cute. You can give a better appearance by putting the eggs in a chocolate basket or even a nest for a natural look. For decoration, you can add

  • some chocolate rocks
  • some artificial or real flowers to elevate the look
  • a few green twigs
  • some leaves would be good too

Elegant wraps for chocolate wedding gifts

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate gifts. All you need is some wrapping paper and you are good to go. Take a small chocolate box and wrap it up in a simple yet pretty wrapping paper. This not only looks cute but also gives it a homemade look. If you want, you can attach a small ribbon and a wedding card too.

Heart shaped fudge

Chocolate caramel fudge is one of the most loved flavors when it comes to chocolate. Heart-shaped and pink or red in color would work especially well for a wedding night. A box full of pink chocolate fudge is not only full of sweetness but is also full of love.

Chocolate tuxedos

These tuxedos are actually strawberries covered with different kinds of chocolates and styled to look like a tuxedo. Not only are they adorable, but they are also flashy yet elegant at the same time. Who could have thought that you could have elegance, charm and deliciousness all in one box?

Sweetness overloaded

A combo of fruits and chocolate is one of the sweetest things to ever exist. Many fruits such as strawberries, apples, cherries, oranges and whatnot pair up with different chocolates to give an amazing taste. You can either make chocolate fruit bites by dipping them in melted chocolate or make chocolate dipped fruit kabobs. You can also add in some nuts for more flavor and taste.

Groom and Bride

Dress up your strawberries to match the groom and bride. Just like the tuxedos, these chocolate-dipped strawberries are decorated to look the couple. For the bride, the strawberries are dipped in white chocolate and have some lace-like décor. On the other hand, the groom’s strawberry should either match a tuxedo or a suit. Place them in cupcake liners and add some other elegant gifts with it.

Chocolate meringue

Sweeten up the classic Italian meringue by dipping it in melted chocolate. You can use any kind of chocolate from dark to white and even bittersweet according to your taste. Adorable little pieces of chocolate meringues are sure to brighten up the wedding.

Nutty chocolates

Another idea is to have a combo of chocolate and nuts. Even people who say no to nuts can’t refuse nuts covered in chocolates. All kinds of nuts can be used for this, such as almonds, pecans, peanuts, cashew, walnut etc. Dip the nuts in melted chocolate and let it cool. Add them in a box with various assortments and you’re done. You can also elevate the flavors by adding in caramel. The reason is that chocolate caramel nut bites are even better than nutty chocolates.

Kisses for the couple

Hershey’s Kisses are always one of the best options to have at a wedding. Even without decorating them, they are good enough. But if you want, you can decorate them by adding little romantic quotes for the couple on each of the pieces.

So why not amaze the couple with these incredible chocolate wedding gifts, and stand apart from the crowd.