Father’s Day is practically right around the corner and some of you may be caught off guard. If you are looking for Father’s Day gifts, look no further! You can find great and affordable options last minute just in time for Father’s Day Canada. You can buy gifts for dad based on what he likes, whether that is sports or gardening, but you can also buy gift baskets full of everything that your father will love.

What Father’s day gifts should I get?

To look for Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2020, you won’t have to do any extra digging, and all of the information can be provided right from your dad believe it or not! You can buy him sports equipment, barbecue tools, grooming tools, or whatever else your specific father is into. If you aren’t sure, some sly detective skills can come into handy.

You can try asking him of his interests while making sure he is not suspicious and that he will still be totally surprised. A few questions about his hobbies, dislikes and likes, etc. should set you on the right track to find perfect gifts for him. This could be tools, jewelry, clothing, etc.

If your father is a bit harder to decipher or he is one who loves everything, you can get him a gift basket that is already premade. This one is perfect for a football fan father or you can even find a brilliant gift basket for a golf lover! How cool is that!

What else can I send with my gift basket?

For all of our amazing gift baskets, you have the option to include extra additions depending on what you think the recipient will like. You can choose the following supplementary options in any of our gift baskets:

  • Chocolates which come in various sizes: small, medium, and large. This is a perfect addition to a father who has a special sweet tooth!
  • A teddy bear, which also comes in the sizes: small, medium, or large. This would be a good addition for a father who is also a child at heart! Regardless, your father will surely cherish and appreciate this extra addition.
  • Mylar balloons in the quantity of one balloon, three balloons, or five balloons. This would be a great choice if you want to surprise someone and want another surprise and cheerful element like balloons. Just one balloon can bring loads of magic to any basket!

What else can I get for Father’s Day 2020?

If your father isn’t very much a foodie or doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you can opt for other options. You also have the option to buy your father an absolutely stunning flower bouquet! This would be a perfect choice for a father who enjoys gardening and spending time in nature as they will be very appreciative of the beauty any flower bouquet brings into the house.

The bouquet will dazzle as the centrepiece of any table. It is up to you if you choose to add any additions to the bouquet. The flower bouquets come with:

  • The option to add chocolates to the flower bouquet
  • A chance to add a teddy bear to the flower bouquet, choosing his favorite flowers or Father’s Day official flowers
  • The option to add balloons that will come alongside the flower bouquet

When do Father’s Day sales start and end?

Father’s Day sales have started already! Go quickly and get a load of the amazing prices for yourself! Father’s Day is June 21st so that is when some Father’s Day sales begin but the sale on flowers and gift baskets are continuing even now. Go grab that Father’s Day Gift set, flower bouquet, or gift basket right now because now is the best time too.

What other Father’s Day gifts can I get?

If you know that your father won’t enjoy sweets in a gift basket or a flower bouquet, you can get him anything else that you think will spark his interest or anything else that he will appreciate. Some of the best gifts you can get is something personalized. Whether that is personalizing his coffee mug, engraving his tools, or finding other ways to add a special and unique touch to things he already owns. This way, you don’t necessarily have to buy something new, but will still be a small gesture that will be welcome with open arms.

Something that will be a special touch that your father will definitely enjoy and appreciate is if you make him a gift yourself. Even if it does not come out to be the way that you like, it will surely bring a smile to his face knowing that you tried to make something yourself. When something is handmade, and especially by someone you love, the item becomes even more special!

You might want to hurry up a bit as Father’s Day 2020 weekend is already gone! But you can still show your appreciation by ordering your gift baskets, flower bouquets, other gifts, or order the supplies for the handmade gift you want to give him. Above all, make sure it is a surprise for him!