There comes a time in someone’s life when they have to visit a sick family member or friend, and directly visiting may not always be possible. The best thing you can send is a get well soon basket as it is perfectly curated for an ill person. It has the perfect things that can make someone feel better, such as chocolates. Who doesn’t love chocolates?!

We never hope that any of you would be sick, but if you were to visit someone, you shouldn’t go empty-handed as to induce morale in an ongoing sickness or congratulate recovery. A small gift could be enough for someone to start positive thinking, and you may very well be the reason that your family member recovers sooner.

A gift basket would be the best option for someone who has Covid-19 because, unfortunately, it is contagious, and once admitted. You may not be able to see your family member. It is dangerous for you, and it is best for your health not to visit someone until the doctor says that they have no longer tested positive. So, sending them a gift basket or a flower bouquet will show them what they mean to you without risking infecting you and having the risk of you infecting others.

How can I send my get well soon basket?

If you wish to send a get well soon basket, be sure to check with the hospital, nursing home, etc. to see if it is possible that a basket or flower bouquet can be sent to the hospital and delivered to that person. If they have a high-risk illness in which it would be dangerous for hospital staff to visit that person multiple times, it may be better to wait until your ill family member gets home from the hospital or is accepting visitors. Please be sure to check if it can be remotely delivered if you choose not to hand-deliver it.

What is in a get well soon basket?

You can get different types of baskets depending on what you think would be best for the sick person. You can get a fruit and vegetable platter or basket if that person needs to regain their strength.

They can eat fruits and gain multiple vitamins and minerals from fresh and delicious fruit. You can also get other types of baskets in which you can get multiple items that the person would enjoy, such as jams, chocolates, and crackers.

Alternate gifts for ill family members

A great choice for a get well soon present instead of a get well soon basket would be a brilliant flower bouquet. Getting a flower bouquet would also be an excellent choice because it would bring nature into an otherwise basic and bland hospital room.

Flower bouquets would light up the room and bring freshness into an otherwise gloomy room and would be a source of beauty that person can look to. Nothing would be better than to see a smile on their face, and a flower bouquet would surely bring them happiness.

The flower bouquet you get can be based on that person’s flower preference or any other flower. The perfect flower to give if that person has no particular preference would be the classic rose bouquet.

You can also choose to gift an indoor plant if your sick family member or friend has a chronic illness or that you know they will be in the hospital for a bit longer than the average stay. An indoor plant would last longer and would be perfect. Make sure that the hospital staff or family members of the sick person would be regularly watering the plants in order for the plant to last as long as possible.

What kind of indoor plants can I get?

You can get different kinds of indoor plants, depending on the person’s preference or the hospital’s convenience. Make sure that when you do get an indoor plant, the hospital staff are aware, and there is someone who will water it regularly and take care of it.

It does not require too much maintenance other than the necessities of sunshine and water. However, there still needs to be someone to do that. This person could be a family member who often visits who carries this duty or a nurse that which you can ask. The different kinds of indoor plants you can get are:

  1. You can send indoor plants of different colors. If the sick person is someone who likes colors, you can get them a blue hydrangea basket. It’s simply stunning!
  2. You can get white orchids that come in small baskets and pebbles. It is perfect for someone who does not have much space, and so a small basket would do.
  3. If the person who you are visiting likes a lot of greenery and would rather have greenery over flowers, a marshall tribute planter is perfect! This bouquet is rather magnificent and will persuade any nature hater to have a green thumb.
  4. If you would like a good mix of greenery and flowers, then a peace and serenity dish garden is a perfect choice. It comes in a brilliant basket and is the best item to promote recovery.