A 9-to-5 job in an office setting is definitely not easy. You and your colleagues work your absolute hardest to keep the office going. Your colleagues’ hard work will now not go unrecognized because you can give them office gifts! You can give them the perfect gift baskets that are guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

Your thoughtful gift will make them appreciate you and will cherish your kind gesture forever. So, here is to rewarding our colleagues’ hard work! But, if you don’t know which baskets to give them, don’t worry because here is your guide to the best office gift baskets as well as the answers to your questions!

What are office gifts?

We all know the times of the year when we give gifts to our friends and families are holidays like Christmas, birthdays, and more. But, there is no one time of year to show our appreciation and gratitude for the daily hard workers in the office. You don’t need a holiday to recognize their assiduousness and to show them your support.

These office gifts are specifically designed to show love and spread joy among office employees, unlike regular gift baskets. These amazing gift baskets are exactly what you need to show your employees and colleagues how much they mean to you.

Who should you give gifts to in the office?

Well, this is not a hard question at all because it has a very easy answer. From the marvelous secretaries to the amazing receptionists to your fellow hard-working office members to the remarkable technical crew to the essential janitorial staff and to the diligent executives and higher-ups. To sum up, anyone and everyone in the office works hard to support the office environment.

Regardless of what job they do in the office, without them, the office wouldn’t be able to function. Whether they answer the phones, write emails, clean the tables, manage the employees, or work on the projects, they are essential to the office. Just taking a minute to thank them for what they do for the company and giving them an outstanding office gift basket is enough to make their day.

What office gifts should I give?

The sky is the limit for giving gifts, but if you are unsure what to get, we have some amazing options for you. Keep in mind that you can customize your gift towards your colleagues’ job, interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, favorites, and more. The more personal that you make the present, the better it is because they will surely appreciate it way more.

Here are some amazing choices:

  • Custom Office Item- Anything custom or personal for them is definitely the way to go. They will surely love to get a personal office decoration or office plaque with their name on it for their desk. In other words, anything to make the office space feel less stressful, more comfortable, and more at home.
  • Custom Home Item- If you don’t want to get them something for the office, buying a custom item for their home is also a great idea. Anything from a customized cutting board to oven mitts to a t-shirt to a keychain will be perfect.
  • Gift Cards- If you have absolutely no idea what to get them and think that they will be able to pick out a better present, you can get them a gift card. A gift card to their favorite store or restaurant will allow them to pick what they want without you worrying about whether they will like your present or not.

    Some more ideas

  • Dinner- If you are both food lovers, taking them out to dinner is a great option. Dinner allows you to bond with a person over some amazing food. That is to say that it doesn’t have to be dinner; it could be dessert, ice cream, lunch, brunch, or even breakfast.
  • A Card- We would definitely recommend including a card with whatever present that you give them. It gives a nice personal touch and will make them appreciate your present a lot more with your personal hand-written message. Similarly, you can easily attach to a gift basket or a bouquet!
  • Plants- If you know someone with a green thumb or just a love of plants, this is perfect for them. Furthermore, giving a bouquet of flowers is almost like the international symbol to show that you care. Whether it is a Dracaena Limelight indoor plant or a nice Ficus plant, they will love it.
  • Gift Basket- This is an amazing option because there are so many gift baskets to choose from.

What are the best options for office gift baskets?

  • Gourmet Gift Basket- For all their hard work in the office, your coworkers more than deserve a basket full of luxurious goodies for them to enjoy. For example, they can enjoy peppermint covered pretzels, fudges, caramels, and more.
  • Snacks Gift Basket- During a long day at the office, your coworker will more than love to eat a snack. It’ll replenish their energy as well as give them a delicious treat to munch on.
  • Spa Gift Basket- Your coworkers deserve a nice relaxing break after non-stop work. So, getting them this Pamper me gift basket will help them relax.
  • Chocolate Gift Basket- Who doesn’t love chocolate? There is no way that you can go wrong with getting anyone a rich, decadent Just Chocolates gift basket, therefore they will surely love your sweet, sugar-filled gift.
  • Thank You Gift Basket- Most importantly, you should get them a thank you basket. They are deserving of gratitude after their effort for the office.