Ramadan is the month of positivity. It is all about doing what makes you feel happy and peaceful from within. Ramadan gift baskets do the same thing: fill you up with hope, faith and love.

In this holy month, you are supposed to take a break from worldly matters and work on your spirituality and in my opinion, there is no better way of doing it than by spreading smiles- making people around you happy. If you can relate to this, then we are on the same page and you might like my way of spreading smiles-giving gifts! Yes, giving someone a gift, no matter how small or big can lift up their mood in less than a second. Don’t we all love gifts?

Are you thinking, what gift you can get someone in Ramadan?

Well, since we are all locked down in our houses because of this pandemic, we don’t have much options of buying gifts, but gift baskets remain an exception. The ultimate rescue!

A gift basket is a cute little expression of your love and care packed beautifully in a basket. You can keep whatever items you think your friend will like in the basket and wrap it with a net and some flowers. If you don’t have much idea of what you can place in your basket, here is a list that might help you kick-start:

  • A bunch of your friend’s favourite chocolates
  • Some frozen food items like nuggets
  • Handwritten notes about your friendship
  • Memory jar with your favourite memories written on folded papers in it
  • Your favourite pictures together
  • Positive quotations to lift up their mood
  • Scented candles
  • Flowers
  • Snacks

In a nutshell, you can keep anything that you know can help your friend get positive thoughts because the first and foremost reason of doing this is to spread positivity.

Gift Baskets for Ramadan

Here is a list of different gift baskets for Ramadan that you can get for your loved ones:

Gourmet Ramadan Gift Basket:

Gourmet items are almost everyone’s favourite. Nowadays, because of the uncertainty this lockdown has prevailed upon us, we are all stressed and have no idea what’s going on. All we can do in these rough times is sit at home and munch on snacks, hoping for a better future. So, help your loved ones in stocking up premium quality snacks and gourmet items so that they don’t have to “stress” over their stress eating!

DIY Gift Basket:

Do it yourself! Are you also like me and think DIY gifts are way better than expensive market-bought ones? I believe, if someone is making a gift for you with their own hands, they are not only investing their money in it but also their precious time and energy which shows how much they love us. Therefore, if you really want to make someone feel special, you can make a Ramadan gift basket for them with your own hands. You can recycle an old basket and place some handmade Ramadan decorations and cards paired with some juices and chocolates to make sure you are also serving their quarantine cravings along with making them feel special.

Cosmetics Gift Basket:

There is never a wrong time for giving a girl some makeup. Girls love it the most and you’ll make a mark right on their heart with this gift basket. If you have a girl best friend or sister, this is the best time to gift her some makeup as Eid is approaching and she must be about to shop it herself, too. So, why not gift her some essentials? You can add a basic mini eye shadow palette that has some neutral colours that’ll go with every outfit and a bright red or pink lipstick because who wouldn’t love that? Along with this, make sure you add in a blinding highlighter, too; that’s where your girl will go crazy for your gift. Now wrap it in a beautiful, shiny net and pin some lilies to it. There you go; the best gift basket is ready!

Holy Gift Basket:

Since this is a holy month for Muslims, they would love a basket full of things that they use the most in Ramadan. You can keep a praying mat and a digital rosary in it along with some dates and a bottle of zamzam (holy water). If you want to make this basket even more precious, you can place The Quran and some mini books of prayers in your gift basket, too. Now, to give it some final touches sprinkle glitters on top to imply radiance. And voila!

Positive Vibes Gift Basket:

In this difficult and stressful time, we could all use some positive vibes to feel better and rekindle our hopes for a bright future. Fill this basket up with everything you thinks radiate positivity such as a scented candle, some cute stationary, and a mini Ramadan planner. For a greater sense of positivity, you can write positive thoughts on papers and fold them into cute origami to add in your basket. In addition, you can out in a frame that says ‘positive vibes only’ to let them know you are sending nothing but positive energy towards them!

Now that you have a bunch of ideas for your Ramadan Gift Basket, you can either make one yourself or get them customised from an online store like GTA Gift Baskets and get them delivered to your doorstep. In case you cannot approach your friends or family yourself because of the lockdown, you can get the gift basket delivered to their address and make an online payment to avoid any hassle. Wouldn’t that be great?

Hope these suggestions helped you. Happy Ramadan!