Traditional baskets are always in fashion and new parents adore the fact that people send gourmet baskets to hospital for delivery of baby. These baskets make great gifts and are equally helpful for new parents. These can even be presented at a baby shower after you get to know the gender of the baby and know exactly what to get for the baby boy or girl coming soon.

Gourmet baskets on baby’s delivery

One brilliant idea to send gift to hospital is to get a car seat and fill it with different items like a small baby blanket, some stuffed toys, or even some clothes. Tie a ribbon around it and a beautiful bow at the top around the handle, and it makes a perfect gift basket for the new mom and the baby.

For a change, another innovative idea is to fold a baby blanket in the shape of a basket, or you can wrap it around a box and then tie a ribbon around it. Fill the box with your choice of baby items, and you are good to go.

Send Gourmet Baskets To Hospital For Delivery Of Baby

A popular idea to send gourmet baskets to hospital for delivery of baby is the diaper cart. Shape the disposable diapers for newly born into circles to make the wheels and tie the rest of them to make the body of the cart. You can hang small gifts here and there on this cart.

Bath and bedtime gourmet basket

Another adorable idea that is most common amongst baby girls is a bath and bedtime gourmet basket. Both the baby and the parents can use this. It includes all the essentials one needs for an at-home spa. It is packaged in a fancy yet cute way. The towels, socks and bath bombs can be presented as lollipops or cupcakes in various colors, shapes and designs.

Deluxe baby gift basket

Deluxe baby gift basket is another idea that has been in for a while. The goods of your choice, such as blankets, socks, toys and stuff are arranged in such a way that they look like bakery treats or a flower bouquet. Make sure to create it in bright, happy colors.

Spring gourmet basket

Spring gourmet basket is a really simple but cute gourmet basket. Choose a little basket and adorn it with soft flowers here and there. Then, add the goodies like clothes arranged as little flowers along with hair clips and some little bears and rabbit friends. You can add a few artificial or real flowers as well.

Dino themed gourmet basket

The Dino themed gourmet basket is a must if the newly born is a boy. Easy to create and all fun, this basket offers a dinosaur wonderland for your little one. Add a plush dinosaur along with a dinosaur themed blanket and Dino themed clothes. Make sure that all the colors mix n match well and are some shade of green to fit the theme.

More ideas to send gourmet baskets to hospital for delivery of baby

Here are some more ideas that you might like:

DIY gourmet basket

A DIY gourmet basket is a great idea to send gourmet baskets to hospital for delivery of baby. This one requires a bit of work but is pleasant and adorable just like the rest. Knit some handmade sweaters or sew some clothes for the little one along with some food goodies for the mommy. If you have got some time on your hands, then make the mommy a little something too, like may be a simple scarf or beanie.

Soft baby gift basket

A soft baby gift basket idea is the teddy bear gift basket that works equally well for both genders. Have the basket say ‘It’s a boy!’ or ‘It’s a girl’ on the front side and fill it with matching clothes, a cute little onesie, a matching hat and matching booties. This adorable little basket is sure to please the mommy and the baby enormously.

Bathtub gift basket

A bathtub gift basket is also a wonderful idea to display at a baby shower. To add more fun to it, make it a ducky themed basket. All yellow and all sunshine; add the essential baby bath time products along with rubber duckies for a fun time. Put in some ducky themed towels and a soft plush baby ducky for cuddling after the bath is over. You can also add in some yellow-colored bath bombs as a gift for the mommy.

Welcome baby gift basket

A perfectly elegant way to give a gift to the mother is a welcome baby gift basket. The little things in life are what matter the most. Add in some of the most touching and memorable things of this time in the basket, such as a personalized mug with the words ‘best mom ever’, a soft-scented candle with the baby’s name and a cute, soft little onesie. Make it either pink or blue accordingly.

Personalized gourmet basket

One really cute idea is the personalized gourmet basket. This is a beautiful keepsake for both the parents and the baby. Add the baby’s name on the basket and add in some miscellaneous items for the baby with their name on it. Add in some personalized mommy products too. Package it off with a large beautiful bow on the handle and, of course, add the baby’s name on that too.

Use these ideas to send gourmet baskets to hospital for delivery of baby, and surprise the new parents.