Summer’s here! We may not be able to celebrate it like we used to, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations should stop! This unique circumstance calls for a unique way to celebrate. Although we cannot physically be there for some of life’s greatest moments because of social distancing orders and the danger of aeroplanes at this time, it does not mean the party should stop! Instead, there is one special and different way you can show your love for these celebrations and that is through summer gift baskets.

Summertime is full of so many different holidays and celebrations that it is impossible to just forget about them! They simply cannot be skipped! Stick around to find out how you can continue the party while social distancing this summer season. The party has just begun!

What celebrations are there in summer?

There are many celebrations and holidays coming up during this summer that we just can’t miss on! Here are the best celebrations that you should use a summer gift basket to show your love:

  1. Graduations
  2. Housewarming ing parties
  3. Pool parties
  4. Wedding or relationship anniversaries
  5. Barbecues
  6. Birthdays
  7. Eid-ul-Adha
  8. Weddings
  9. Bridal showers
  10. Baby showers
  11. Any other parties that may pop up!

What type of summer gift basket should I give?

You can give any kind of basket, whether it is one full of sweets, savory treats, fruits, or other goodies. Depending on the occasion and the receiving party, you can customize your choices. It’s awesome how different summer gift baskets can be, and you can even gift them multiple times by changing the gift basket type. Your gift basket can be full of chocolates, fruits, chips, teddy bears, or newborn essentials. So versatile! So great!

Gift baskets are a great gifting choice in that sense that it can be changed. Here at GTA gift baskets, we have special made gift baskets that are fit for every occasion. Some gift baskets are made customized to specific occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. It doesn’t get much easier than this!

What else can I give as summer presents?

If the person who is receiving your gift is not a lover of sweets or would not fit in the other categories such as baby showers, you can gift them a brilliant bouquet. A flower bouquet instead of a gift basket would be perfect for someone who you know is a gardener or an overall nature lover who will really appreciate this taste of nature in their homes.

Flower bouquets from Toronto Bulk Flowers are especially cheap and come in bulk, so you can gift flower bouquets for more of your friends. Bouquets also can be gifted in person whilst gift baskets are best sent from afar. Flower bouquets come in many varieties also so you can gift your recipient’s favourite flowers or something else that they would enjoy. You can gift them a rose bouquet or premade bouquets, which are already made for events such as birthdays. You can also give summer fruits such as watermelons, pineapples, strawberries, or other berries such as raspberries.

What else can I get with my summer gift basket?

With every purchase of a summer gift basket or any gift basket from us for that matter, it has three add-ons that you can add based on the person who will be receiving your gift basket’s preferences. The first add-on is chocolate, which comes in sizes of small, medium, and large. The second add-on you can choose from is a teddy bear for anyone who is a kid at heart in sizes of small, medium, and large. The third add-on you can choose from are balloons, which you can add on in quantities of 1 balloon, 3 balloons, or 5 balloons.

How do I send my gift baskets?

For your gift baskets, or even if you wanted to send a flower bouquet, you could choose to have it delivered straight to the person of your choice. During these incredibly difficult times, it can be hard to visit family members and friends who are cross country or stuck in social distancing orders. And so, because we are committed to providing you and your loved ones a quality gift basket, we are operating a delivery service and curbside pickup. How convenient!

If you choose not to have it delivered directly to your recipient because your recipient lives close by, you can choose to have it delivered to you first so that you may hand-deliver it. If you do opt for this choice, make sure you are completely safe by wearing a face mask to protect yourself and make sure to comply with your town or your recipient’s town’s social distancing guidelines.

Keep in mind guys that just because we are all under quarantine and distancing orders, it does not mean that our summer celebrations have to end. However, please make sure that when you do, you do it safely and while following the proper guidelines to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. You can still party safely, or you can share a portion of the fun from far away by gifting a gift basket or flower bouquet.

The summer is still young, and there are many opportunities to party still, so stay tuned for the rest of the summer! Don’t forget to order summer gift baskets to brighten up the day for your loved ones.