12 Orange Roses Bouquet is a super adorable, mesmerizing and unique set to show success, encouragement, and happiness. This captivating color will attract the attention of every single person that encounters its beauty. Toronto Florists has reported that people prefer orange color to celebrate success and wish good luck to closed ones.

Orange: a symbol of success

Charming, full of passion and energy, orange bouquets are an ideal gift to wish success and celebrate achievement of your closed ones. Obviously they are the perfect way to say to someone “You are on your way to success” or “Best of luck for future endeavors”.  

So don’t think about any other choice, get this orange roses bouquet delivered to your beloved so she/ can cherish these moments.

When you want someone special to know how much they inspire you and fill you with enthusiasm, send them this orange beauty. We, Toronto florists, provide you with fresh flowers across Canada.

I want a tropical room décor, is it good to go ?

Yes, this bouquet is filled with beautiful bright big orange blooms, with large green lime leaves that make an awesome room corner. This color combination will add some touch of autumn to your room. 

You can fill your center table or side table’s vase with these fresh blooms. It will make a perfect fall feel and make your room elegant.

Specs of 12 Orange Roses:

  • They come in a mild bright orange color that pleases your sight, neither too light to resemble white nor too sharp for the eyes.
  • These bold fiery orange roses will ignite desire and fill the recipient with positive energy.
  • Orange color is a symbol of excitement, joy and enthusiasm.
  • You can add volume to your bouquet and make it customized:
  • Regular bouquet has 12 Fresh Orange roses with lemon leaves.
  • Deluxe Bouquet has 24 fresh roses with lemon leaves.
  • Premium bouquet has 36 Fresh roses with lemon leaves.
  • We deliver this fresh bouquet in Milton and Oakville on the same day of order.

Some say orange roses also make a great gift for valentine. Just couple it up with some metallic-texture balloons and chocolates and you are all set. But if you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift, check our special gift options along with it.