Almond Toffee – 12 Boxes

Get ready to experience traditional almond toffee by GTA Gift Baskets. We work hard to create premium quality confections with the freshest and finest ingredients. Our experts have made this toffee skillfully with special California Almonds, rich sweet cream butter and organic cane sugar. This mixture is then coated with our signature milk chocolate and then all covered with freshly crushed almonds. Therefore, the resulting product is a gourmet masterpiece that is perfect for pleasing your sweet tooth in the most delicious way.

Almond Toffee is our artisanal royal treat that is the cornerstone of a number of our great confectionary treats. Above all, it is certified Kosher and completely gluten-free. It is absolutely made with organic items. Use it as a sweet topping on vanilla sundae and relish the goodness of this wonderful dessert. Surprise your dry fruits lover friend with this candy on a birthday. They will forget their birthday cake after having this sweet item. Combine this sweet dessert with some pleasant smelling flowers. The recipient will love you more for this best gift.

Almond Toffee is an Energy Bar!

This candy is an instant energy source. When you feel low after a hectic day, charge up by eating this sweet bar instantly. Similarly, add this scrumptious snack in your child’s lunchbox. It will keep them fresh and they will feel energetic for the whole good day. Help them grow in a healthy way! The almonds are further great for the brain and make the memorizing power high. Therefore, this candy is a great blend of rich sources and healthful ingredients.

Buy this Power Package Now!

You can buy this high energy bar from chocolate gift baskets Toronto. Don’t buy one in fact order many as they are so finger lickin’ tasty that one won’t be sufficient. If you want to send it as a gift to an almond lover, do combine it with some exciting gift from our extra gift range.