Finding a gift for him is harder than you think. Especially when it’s his birthday nearby and you want to surprise him with something that will excite him. You must have explored all the ‘gift shops near you‘ to find an appropriate gift.  And Now is the time to lay your eyes on this Birthday Turquoise Gifts  masterpiece. This is what you have been searching for; Toronto‘s special “Birthday Turquoise Gifts” basket for him!

This turquoise charm has all the good stuff that can make him love this gift to the core. Because anyone who beholds this turquoise beauty will fall in love with it instantly. So send it over to your closed ones and make them happy.

Tools-Kit Gift Basket:

Usually shops don’t have much variety when it comes to gifts for him, every other time it’s the same kind of gift available that you already have given them on the last birthday. This time choose different, give your taste a new twist and order this pleasant basket full of goodies.

Unwind the surprise: 

Let’s see what this manly wooden tool box has inside:

  • Smoked Salmon
  • Chocolate
  • Albacore Tuna
  • Crackers
  • Chocolate Biscotti
  • Chocolates
  • Marshmallow bag

Almost everything is here that you need for a camp night out. It’s a perfect gift for him that will make your camping more fun. Have your smoked salmon for dinner while enjoying the spectacular view of the stars. Or you both can munch on crackers while walking in Ontario’s famous Wilcox lake. 

Add a Birthday Wishes Card:

Having this turquoise treasure will make your receipt feel special. So grab this exclusive gift for your exceptional person now. Order it by clicking on ‘Add to cart”, and don’t forget to add a birthday Wishes card to say your feeling out on it.

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