Caramel Salted Chocolate Gift

Our gourmet Caramel Salted Chocolate Gift is the essence of our traditional recipe. It is combining fresh caramel, smooth Belgian chocolate, dairy soft butter, juicy cane sugar and rich cream. You will love to know that these are all-natural and finest ingredients just ready to make a nature-based chocolate dessert.

Above all, each piece is exquisite and hand made under the observation of our dedicated staff. Enjoy that mouthful of luscious chocolate by eating any of these items. Rich chocolate cream ganaches are all covered in both dark and milk chocolates.

This adorable gift box is a special insulated box to keep our Caramel Salted Chocolate Gift fresh for a longer time. Surprise a true chocolate connoisseur by gifting her this royal chocolate box. They will delight every creamy bite. Similarly, combine these delicious products with a bunch of beautiful and pleasant smelling flowers. This forms a splendid treat for your special ones.

Caramel Salted Chocolate Gift is a Gourmet Dessert!

Do you know GTA Gift Baskets has a great team of master chefs that make this wonderful dessert? The exotic taste of our dessert actually comes from blending the fresh sweet chocolate with organic dairy butter and rich cream. Therefore, get ready to be lost in chocolate heaven.

This is a true treat for chocolate lovers. It is actually a result of our propriety cooking method that mixes those classic techniques and the finest organic ingredients. The result is a velvety smooth dessert different from all the desserts you have tasted so far. You will enjoy sensational taste pleasure.

So are you ready to relish the best dessert ever? Just go to chocolate gift baskets Toronto and order your Choco box. But if you are planning to gift this box, then do add some extra gifts from our extra gift range, including a teddy bear, simple chocolates and balloons. Enjoy the wonderful chocolate treat.