Chinese New Year Gift Baskets Popularity

This festival is sometimes also known as Singles Valentine’s Day. For this occasion we suggest you try our special Chinese new year gift baskets.

Our new collection makes it easy for our customers to find culturally appropriate Chinese new year gift baskets. For this occasion, we offer our special gift baskets. This basket includes various item such as:

Fruit baskets (typically filled with oranges)

  • Cookies
  • Truffles
  • Pirouline
  • Apple Rings
  • Chocolate covered Almond
  • Roosted Almond
  • And more,…

We offer the best gift baskets in various designs and shapes. We can further add anything to this basket on your demand.

How to send gift baskets?

According to tradition, Chinese people like to exchange red envelopes that are filled with lucky money. The receiver of the gift can spend that lucky money however they want to, and it will turn out to be lucky for them. If you want to send something unique to your loved ones, you can choose to send tower gift items.

On this occasion, the Chinese people send gift baskets to their loved ones. Tower gift items are something different from the mainstream gifts and we are sure your Chinese friends and family will really appreciate it. Instead of sending wrapped gifts, you can choose to send something new and different like a gourmet gift basket.

If you want to send a gift to your friend on the same day of the festival, you can manage to send that gift within Canada with same-day delivery services through gift basket delivery Brampton Ontario. It’s the easiest way to exchange gifts with your loved ones.