Chocolate Dipped Apples

Enjoy the brisk crispness of fresh juicy apples by having our very new Chocolate Dipped Apples. These are not just apples, but a fully chocolate-covered gourmet treat to your loved ones. GTA Gift Baskets has always been keen on introducing unique products in the market.

Therefore, we have brought this totally new fruit gift basket that is absolutely a true delight. This worth savoring box includes an assorted collection of California apples that are all bathing in white and dark Belgian chocolate. Above all, the decoration of this gift box is making it a sensational gift item.

The combo of sweet apples and crunchy rich chocolate will indulge the senses and will also make every bite heavenly delicious. Similarly, this is perfect as a gift on celebratory events. Its recipient will be in love with your choice of gift after eating these lush delicacies. The smooth chocolate coating over the flavorful apples is enhancing the taste of this fruit.

Chocolate Dipped Apples is a Treasure of Health!

Besides making your taste buds dance with the amazing flavor, Chocolate Dipped Apples is a box of health too. Have you ever heard “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? So we want you to be healthy and safe from any ailment. If you don’t like apples, it’s not a biggie now. You can have them in a better way and that’s a chocolatey way. So don’t forget to involve these yummiest apples in your diet now!

Buy This Healthiest Fruit Now!

Chocolate dipped fruit gift baskets Toronto is the place where you can get this adorable product. Above all, we have a wonderful extra gift range, including a soft teddy bear, Delicious chocolates and bright-colored balloons. So don’t forget to add these beautiful gifts to your fruit gift basket. Pair this pack of goodness with a refreshing flowers bouquet send this positivity to your special ones.