Chocolate Fantasy Basket is an exquisite gift basket that truly reveals the excellence of your gifting style. It is indeed a whimsical basket full of delicious treats. It is one of our great chocolate gifts collection. Everyone is definitely going to love this premium quality loaded present.

Above all, the fantastic presentation of the gift basket will impress the recipient. Our artists have placed elegantly in a handwoven basket and arranged them in an eye-catching manner. Therefore, it is one of a kind gift basket for celebratory occasions.

The basket is stuffed with:

  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Cocoa Comfort
  • Farm Fresh Cashew Nuts
  • Café Comfort
  • Yummy Chocolate Candies
  • Sugar Cookies
  • Fresh Crispy Apricots

Enjoy the Heavenly Flavors!

Give a new twist to that million worth relationship between you and your loved ones by giving them our royal collection of sweet gourmet delicacies. It has absolutely that “Wow” factor. Enough for a big family, it can be served as snacks to guests too. Similarly, it is an exotic choice for any other special occasion of happiness. Be a reason behind the smiling faces of your dear ones by gifting them this wonderful gift.

Different than usual chocolate gifts, this gift basket full of savory snacks is surely an amazing product for anyone on your list. The recipient will smile from ear to ear after eating these snacks of such an adorable gift basket. No doubt, Chocolate Fantasy Basket alone is a remarkable gift, but when it is paired with a fresh flower bouquet, it will completely make a grand impression. So go for this best option.

How can you Order Chocolate Fantasy Basket?

You can order this large size dream gift basket from GTA Gift Baskets. This basket overflowing with the finest food items is the best choice without any doubt and hesitation. Convey these delicious smiles and make their day lush!