Daisy Pineapple Bouquet

Make your dessert a show stopping centerpiece with the Daisy Pineapple Bouquet. Not only will this delicious arrangement satiate your cravings for deliciously ripe fruit, it will add an element of grandeur to any event!

This visually appealing bouquet makes the perfect gift for a loved one or even party favour! Because of the diversity of the arrangement, you are able to use it for various events and it will always be a hit!

While this bouquet is gorgeous, it won’t remain that way after everyone fulfills their cravings for deliciously ripe fruit. Make this elaborate gift better by including a floral arrangement. Not only will it add another visually appealing element, but it is a bouquet that won’t be eaten!

This Bouquet Includes:

  • 30 fresh strawberries
  • 13 skewers of grapes
  • 10 orange slices
  • 9 honeydew spears
  • 6 slices of pineapple
  • kale and/or iceberg lettuce
  • a large basket

We Deliver!

Is there anything better than a delicious fruit arrangement? Having said arrangement delivered, of course! Further instill the illusion of relaxion by having for arrangement delivered. Not only does our delivery service aid in making your gift appear more thoughtful, but it takes the hassle of transportation out of your hands.

So what is it that you’re waiting for? If this service appeals to you (and how could it not?), contact us today!