Dipped Pineapple in Tea Pot

Make anyone’s day extra sweet by giving them our freshest Dipped Pineapple in Teapot. This gift is absolutely the sweetest way to make your near ones feel special and extraordinary. Above all, this wonderful grab-and-go is delivering refreshments with every delicious bite.

This is a perfectly healthy fruit gift basket. Our experts believe that different fruits have different nutrients. So they have worked a lot and made the best combination of different fruits. They have arranged fruits in a beautiful teapot. To get rid of those same fruit gift baskets every time, here we bring you fruits in a teapot. This teapot features:

  • Cantaloupe Wedges
  • Honeydew Wedges
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Chocolate covered Pineapple Stars
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dipped Pineapple in Teapot brings You Endless Variety!

Tickle their palate from one flavor to the other by gifting them this great assortment of fruits. Not only simple fruits, but this basket also contains Choco covered pineapples and strawberries. So this basket is a perfect blend of seasonal fruits and Belgian dark chocolate.

Sometimes people get bored of eating fruits. However, we cannot deny the fact that fruits are a treasure of nutrients and they should always be a part of our daily diet. For that purpose, we have changed the regular fruits into chocolate-covered fruits that are actually a more delicious way. So those who are chocolate lover will absolutely find no difficulty in eating fruits and having healthy nutrients now. So send this goodness to your loved ones!

Have Your Teapot Today!

Get your Dipped Pineapple in Teapot now from GTA Gift Baskets. You can also get it delivered to your special ones. Make it even more memorable gift by adding a teddy bear, some chocolates, balloons and a fresh flower bouquet to your gift basket.