Dozen long stem roses are radiant and glorious, artistically packed in a decent box. They smell heavenly and look as pretty as a picture. When the simple beauty of the rose couples up with its mesmerizing fragrance, it attracts everyone’s special attention. Expression of love has never been that easy but the long-stem red rose has made it expressible, always. Have you ever wondered why the red rose is associated with love? Because red is the color of love.  It’s universal – every country recognizes its importance when it comes to love, affection, and romanticism. Now think what will happen when you give a box of dozen beautiful love tokens, by florists Toronto, to your beloved?

Therefore, a dozen long stem roses’ bouquets make it the best present for the love of your life. When it’s a special occasion of their life like birthday, valentine’s day, and above all when you intend to propose, just pick a bouquet of twelve beautifully aligned roses with a nice ring and you are all set – Simple yet elegant.

Why choose Dozen Long Stem Roses?

Since a bouquet looks more presentable, florists in Toronto suggest them. Nevertheless, a bunch of roses beautifully tied in a ribbon bow is enough to melt the heart and warm the feelings.

But if you want more than a dozen roses check this one out.

Specs of Dozen Long Stem Roses:

1-      Dozen Long Stem Roses as the name indicates are twelve velvet red roses with long stems arranged in a box.

2-      Stems are thorn-proof and with few leaves to enhance their beauty.

3-      Simple arrangement with a little ratio of olive-green leaves.

4-      Guaranteed freshness that will last for 7-8 days.

5-      Safe to handle, and can easily be put in a pottery or flower holder.

6-      Get a free love message that will express your emotions.

7-      Floral boxes are delivered carefully across Toronto, Canada by florists Toronto. 

Make your special occasion exceptional with something extra! Add chocolate bars to your lovely present along with a dozen long stem roses box. There are other scrumptious chocolaty  gift options that fit your demand on our website.