Blue roses?
Yes, you heard it right. This delightful White and Blue Roses bouquet is a unique combination of white and blue roses. Since you know that blue roses are the rarest species of roses and cannot be found very often. To make that up our Toronto Florists are offering this unique bouquet that is one of its kind in color and meaning.

If you search florists near me, you would hardly find blue roses bouquets anywhere. The reason is, blue roses don’t exist in nature. But our florists are putting efforts into producing blue-hued roses to serve your demand. And you can see how creative these blue roses turned out.

Blue roses with white daisies:

What an enticing combination will that be when you spray some daisies in white and blue roses? An absolutely stunning blend. Because daisies look quite elegant with blue and green. So get your unique Flower delivery Toronto today.

Specs of White and Blue Roses Bouquet:

  • Blue Roses symbolizes true love, mystery, and longing for someone very special.
  • This combination of white and blue roses represents the love and purity of the feelings.
  • Flowers will stay fresh for up to 10 days minimum. That means you can adorn them for a long time.
  • This bouquet has decent packaging. It comes in a two-colored white and blue wrapping sheet tied with a big pink bow to enhance its outlook.
  • We offer same-day flower delivery in Whitchurch-Stouffville.

    This bouquet includes:
  • White roses with full blooms
  • Blue roses
  • White daisies
  • Green lime leaves

You can order some other unique gifts with this inspiring Bouquet to add more value to it. For instance, classic chocolate truffle has an innovative taste, it will make the perfect pairing with this bouquet. 

Click here to select what truffle fits best to your requirements.