Edible – Dragon Fruit and Starfruit

This beautiful fruit gift basket by GTA Gift Basket is probably featuring the world’s most flavorful fruits. You will love each and every delicious bite of it. The exotic basket is overflowing with

  • Juicy Starfruit
  • Fresh Dragon Fruit Slices
  • Citrus Lime Slices
  • Delicious Chocolate covered Strawberries
  • Orchard Fresh Red Grapes
  • Cantaloupe Wedges

Edible – Dragon Fruit and Starfruit is a Scrumptious Treat!

This festive basket is tasty, as well as a healthy treat for your special ones. No matter what the occasion is, healthy eating is becoming a trend. Fitness is the demand of this era and everyone is taking part in the race to get fit. So keeping in view this healthy trend, we bring you something high in taste and healthful nutrients. Therefore, its recipient will love this multi-purpose basket.

This luscious basket features a variety of season’s fresh fruits. They are absolutely free of artificial additives and preservatives. Similarly, we don’t add ripening agents to these fruits as we already pick them when they are best ripe. They are completely organic and bring you heavenly flavors. Above all, we wash them in a hygienically clean kitchen and then slice them carefully. These already sliced fruits ensure that some quick munching juicy snacks are available on hand.

Don’t Stare, Have Yours Today!

You can easily order Edible – Dragon Fruit and Starfruit from our website. Make your gift remarkable by adding some more little gifts from our extra range gifts. Don’t forget to send a refreshing flowers bouquet along with your gift basket.