English Toffee

Toast your special times with a new kind of sweet dessert, English Toffee. It is an elegant addition to your happy celebrations. Above all, it is a creamy blend of chocolate ganache, caramelized butter, pure cane sugar, and premium quality nuts.

Give your guest a perfect treat and make any celebration memorable for them. Your guests will love this luxurious dessert. Similarly, this English Toffee makes a charming gift idea for anyone special in your life.

This confection is not only best for chocolate lovers but dry fruits lovers too. Combining the goodness of dark chocolate and dry fruits with organic ingredients, this is the richest product ever. Chocolate paired with caramelized dry fruits is making it a great choice for chocolate fondue. It will make their taste buds dance with its amazing crunch.

English Toffee is an extraordinary delight!

GTA Gift Baskets brings you a different chocolate dessert this time. This a new classy dessert with somehow traditional touch by our experts that will make you forget those boring and tasteless chocolate desserts.

Combine it with vanilla or chocolate Sunday as a scrumptious topping and enjoy that heavenly mixture. If you like baking and love cakes, then melt this toffee and decorate your cake with this creamy topping. This gourmet toffee can make any dessert extra delicious.

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Is your mouth watering? We are sure it is. But no worries. Don’t even move just open our website and place your order. We will deliver it within the least time. Your comfort and satisfaction have always been our priority; hence we have made this online shop website. Similarly, if you want to gift this yummy toffee to someone else, do add a plush teddy bear, some pure chocolates, and vibrant balloons. Multiply the grand impression of your gift by sending it with a beautiful flower bouquet.