Fresh Fruit Fiesta

To the talk of any occasion with this delicious fruit basket! The Fresh Fruit Fiesta basket is a sure fire way to make any party or potluck an instant hit! The delightful combination of chocolate and fresh fruit is one that can’t be beat.

Being placed in charge of bringing a fruit platter has never been so exciting. Instead of purchasing the boring trays from your local grocery store, get creative and wow your friends and family with the Fresh Fruit Fiesta arrangement.

Show the host how grateful you are by purchasing a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers. Make it known that while you are there to have fun with your friends and family, that you appreciate them opening their space for you. Plus, who doesn’t love a bouquet of gorgeous flowers in their home?

The Fruit Fiesta Arrangement Includes:

  • 15 chocolate covered strawberries
  • 11 grape spears
  • 7 spears of cantaloupe
  • 7 fresh strawberries
  • 6 chocolate and coconut covered strawberries
  • 5 spears of honeydew
  • kale and/or iceberg lettuce

Container will vary.

We Deliver!

Allow us to make this celebration all the more important by having your gift basket delivered! Not only does this take the stress of having another thing to do off your shoulders, but it makes the gift appear more special.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!