When you have been fasting the whole day, what could be better than a basket full of fresh fruits and organic foods at the time of fast breaking ? Obviously a pleasure receiving it. So send a Fruit Festival Basket to your loved and closed ones by ordering it now.

This basket is especially designed and decorated to make it a special Ramadan gift. Such occasions come once in a year, so their present should be surprising. With regard to the fact that fruits are the favorite item for Muslims in Ramadan, we have assembled ripened fruits to prepare this basket. Fasting either intermittently or in Ramadan brings a bunch of benefits to physical and spiritual health but also requires a quick energy source to restore the body’s strength, and fresh fruits are the greatest power station that provide instant energy. 

This time, plan your Ramadan gifts creatively. There are some other fresh fruit gift package options that may interest you, check them here.  Toronto, King City, Oakville, wherever your Muslims friends are living in Canada, we will deliver it to them.

Fruit Festival Basket – A treasure of fresh fruits :

Benefits that fresh fruits bring to us are not hidden. In fact, fruits help detoxify your body along with being an energy source. Let’s dig into this basket and find out what does it carry:

  • Fresh Ripened Red Apples
  • Green freshly plucked pears
  • Juiciest Oranges
  • Crackers
  • Triangle Cheese
  • Assorted Berries

Beautifully decorated in a hand woven wooden basket with green leaves and iceberg. A big red bow in the front of the basket gestures a warm congratulations. Moreover, you can make your order customized by calling us at 416-568-8009. 

Occasions it is suitable for :

Filled with freshness and colors, this mighty fruit basket is truly a great gift for special occasions like Ramadan, Health day, father’s day, Get well soon, and almost any occasion where you want to wish your receipt by giving fresh fruits. 

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