Everyone loves flower bouquets but fruit lovers would be happier to receive a fruit bouquet. Fruit Bouquet? Yes, you heard it right. We bring you a colorful, sweet, and creative Fruity Bouquets made out of fresh fruits. Scarlet, Crimson, Yellow, and Green; some attractive colors with drooling flavors of strawberry, pineapple, and cherry on top. 

Just have a look at this bouquet and you would end up wanting it as your gift. How about giving it to someone you love and making their day colorful with healthy fruits? Send it over to them to Toronto, or anywhere in the GTA

We all know the fact that fruits are a source of vitamins and must be included in our diet. This fruit bouquet makes it even easier to have fruits any time because it presents some juicy fruits in a beautiful mug that will make you drool.  

Why fruity bouquets decoration is a big hit:

  • Juicy blush red strawberries fixed in a mug, making a bed with their tips upward.
  • Pineapples, cut into flowers added to this arrangement with cherries on top of them.
  • Some scarlet cherries can be found in the bed of strawberries to give it a beautiful texture. 
  • Rosemary branches are also embedded to beautify it with green color.
  • This arrangement is set up in a beautiful ‘Happy Birthday’ mug, making this gift a customary practice for birthdays. You can request to replace the mug according to the occasion. 
  • Overall look is so stunning and your recipient is going to love it. 

We Deliver at Your Doorstep:

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You can always make your gift outstanding by adding something extra such as flowers bouquets.  So hurry up and order now because we deliver it at your doorstep!