This Gourmet Gift Basket Toronto is truly one of the best gift baskets we have to offer. It is filled with all kinds of overflowing treats to tempt every chocolate and sweets lover there is. This opulent gift basket is a perfect gift for anyone on your gift list this year. Recipients won’t be able to wait to open this box of splendid treats. A real joy for all awaits!

The Gourmet Gift Basket Toronto is overflowing with everything from Caramel Popcorn, crisp pretzels covered in Belgium chocolate to mixed nuts, wafers, fudge and more. Your taste buds will totally enjoy the sensation of the contents of this gourmet basket when it hits your tongue.

Paired with toffee caramel popcorn, cappuccino and almond cashews and petite fruit candies, this basket has so much to offer.

Order for your special loved ones and enjoy together as you get together for the Christmas holidays. Special moments are made with the happiness of sweet indulgences to share with one another.

Crisp pretzels are covered in Belgium chocolate for your enjoyment. Let’s not forget the peanut crunch added to the mix of this gourmet gift basket.

You will be so wowed  by this gift basket and all of it’s contents, you will want to order for even more of your family and loved ones. This is also a perfect gift for a coworker or your boss, who will be impressed with your awesome sense of taste and style, from caviar to truffles provided by the likes of legendary chocolate Godiva, this supremely opulent gift basket is perfect