Organic foods are nutrient enriched and free from artificial chemicals. Therefore, dietitians and nutritionists recommend to include them in your diet plan. With plenty of other benefits, this Sensations Organic Gourmet Basket makes a perfect tea time with its delicious and tasty snacks. 

Not only it can be given to diet conscious people, but a favorite snack of elders and youngsters as well. You take it for the following: 

  • Grandmother with a bunch of white roses.  
  • Your father who just arrived home.
  • Your best buddy whom you are planning to hang out with.This will make their day super awesome. For other complimentary gifts to make a pair with this basket, clickhere

Sensations Organic Gourmet Basket Specs: 

Wooden basket gifts are quite popular lately, and are our most selling products. You have it once, you will be prompted to order again. Because we deliver quality, our products don’t only look good but also taste fantastic. Freshness and crunch is guaranteed since we keep updating our stock and restock fresh items. This goodie basket includes all organic, recently prepared and packed: 

  • Beanitos Black Bean Chips
  • Darvida Sesame
  • David’s Cocoa Crunch
  • Multi Seed Spelt
  • Caramel Promme 

Aesthetically organized in a fine quality basket woven with wooden stripes and decorated with green leaves to add into its beauty, this basket is a hit. Which can be used for decoration of fruits, or as a kitchen basket once you have finished all of these snacks. 

A Healthy Treat : 

Made out of multiple seeds, beans, and wheat, it assures the health benefits brought by nutrients, minerals, fibers, protein, and antioxidants. Beans and seeds reduce the chances of cancer and balance blood pressure of the body.

Other Organic Baskets: 

Healthy Baskets are usually hard to find that are not only beautifully decorated but also taste delicious. Our team brings you healthy organic baskets such as Organic Fruit Basket, Best Or Snacks, Healthy and Organic basket, prepared after nutritionists’ consultation for your benefit. So order your favorite now!