Among a hundred options of snacks, a fruity basket that offers fresh and healthy fruits is truly a reservoir of vitamins. Now sending fresh fruits to your loved ones has become easy with our Happy Snacking – Gift Baskets, because you will have many seasonal fruits packed in one basket. So get this gift for your mother, or father, or send it to someone who loves having fresh fruits in their breakfast with our same day delivery Toronto service, and make their morning glorious. 

No matter if your grandmother lives in Scarborough or Richmond Hills, we deliver it to her in 24 hours with our quick delivery service. 

Striped Wooden Basket of Fruits 

Woven wooden baskets having beautiful and unique patterns look so aesthetic. Happy snacking basket is one of those creatively made baskets. When it is filled with fresh and colorful fruits, it looks so captivating. 

When you plan to visit your friends or family members you can take this basket with you. And what could be a better gift than this? You can pair it up with some lilies bouquet or with a combination of white roses

Fresh fruits with fresh colors

This creative striped gift basket has fruits of almost all the primary colors. Not only does this basket have so many colors like red, green, yellow, orange, and wine red but it also offers a variety of textures and exquisite tastes. All of them are natural fruits colors, written here:

  • Green Grapes
  • Purple Grapes
  • Fresh Oranges
  • Ripe Banana
  • Green Pears
  • Golden Red Apples

 Benefits of Fresh Fruits

We cannot deny the amount of benefits we can get from fresh fruits. They carry a great energy powerhouse with them; stocking a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. Moreover, fruits help in  maintaining blood pressure, fight against diseases like cancer, and provide fibres to the body. 

Therefore, including fruits in your diet is necessary for good health. 

You may like our here for your basket, it also contains healthy and fresh fruits that can also be sent as a gift. So book your order now!