Harvest Fruit Arrangement

Show that special someone how much you value them with this extravagant fruit display. The Harvest Fruit Arrangement is the perfect gift as a house warming favour, or even to be enjoyed within your own home for special events!

This fruit display incorporates all of your favourite fruit, thus being a crowd pleaser! The combination of all of these fruit is not only delicious, but visually appealing due to the carefully curated design. Unlike grocery store fruit platters, the fruit we provide is both freshly cut and thoughtfully placed, therefore ensuring that you get both quality and quantity.

Take this arrangement to the next level by adding a beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers! Moreover, the addition of a floral piece will add a centerpiece that will be eye catching for all the best reasons.

The Fruit Harvest arrangement Includes:

  • 23 skewer of strawberries,
  • 18 Slices of sweet cantaloupe
  • 16 slices of melon
  • 16 skewer grapes
  • 15 skewer chocolate covered strawberries
  • 7 slices of oranges
  • 4 slices of pineapple
  • kale and/or iceberg lettuce

Container may vary.

We Deliver!

Allow us to make this celebration all the more important by having your gift basket delivered! Not only does this take the stress of having another thing to do off your shoulders, but it makes the gift appear more special.

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