Just Delicious Strawberries

GTA Gift Baskets brings you the royal Just Delicious Strawberries tray to have an exotic experience of Choco-Strawberry combo. This gourmet gift comprises of fresh strawberries and strawberries enveloped in luscious dark milk chocolate that will satisfy the taste buds of chocolate lovers most. Therefore, it is an amazing and richest fruit gift basket. The taste of these bite-sized delicacies is as good as their appearance in that white pot.

Just Delicious Strawberries is an absolutely Fresh Dessert!

Each and every chocolate-covered strawberry is made by our Experts. They are completely handmade; therefore, they ensure a premium quality dessert. We have selected the best ripe giant California strawberries with bright red color and less white tip. We absolutely discard strawberries with any soft spot. Strawberries are well washed and dried completely before packaging. We particularly melt Dark Belgian chocolate at low temperatures to avoid burning taste and to make the best coating over the strawberries.

Above all, these items have liquid milk chocolate drizzling to make this dessert far more delicious. Melt their hearts with the warmth of your love by sending this fruit gift basket. It is a surety that everyone will eat these sweet little treats right at the time they will receive it. They will appreciate your sincere feelings bite after bite of this delicious treat.

Have This gift from Chocolate Dipped Fruit Gift Baskets Toronto!

Are you ready for some exciting fruit gift baskets for your friends or family with an irresistible sweet tooth? Just Delicious Strawberries is exactly your goal then. Achieve your goal by ordering it now from our website. You can also add to the beauty of your gift by sending some fresh flowers along with it. We will deliver your gift with the utmost care to ensure its perfect arrival in your hands. Don’t forget to add some yummy chocolates, a Teddy bear or some eye-catching balloons to your gift basket.