Lady’s Love Bouquet

Show the woman in your life that they are loved with the Lady’s Love Bouquet. This gorgeous combination of white roses and pink lilies alongside exotic greenery is the perfect way of showing someone that you value them in your life.

Sometimes it is difficult to show those who mean so much to us we care. Thus, the use of this bouquet aids in saying what words cannot. Whether it is for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or a random act of kindness, show the woman in your life that the work they do does not go unnoticed.

The bouquet can be given on its own, or with a sweet treat! Great to satisfy any sweet tooth!

This Bouquet Includes:

This arrangement is customizable, so feel free to ask about your options.

  • white long stem roses
  • pink lilies
  • exotic greenery
  • vase

We Delver!

The lady in your life deserves the best, let us provide that for you by having this bouquet hand delivered! Having fresh flowers delivered adds grandeur to what is an already amazing gift! To conclude, if that is an option that appeals to you, please feel free to  contact us via email at or phone number 416-568-8009.