What could be an amazing organic gift basket other than roses & golden berries arrangement? This fruit bouquet is a special gift for fruit lovers and fitness freaks. The vitamin & nutritious rich oranges, strawberries, golden berries, and honeydews are essential for a healthy lifestyle. So this valentines day gift will not only satisfy the cravings of its recipient but will also help you to achieve your relationship goals. Therefore, spend some money on this Valentines Day fruit basket to shower love and happiness at the faces of your loved ones. Delivering it on the same day is not a difficult task for us. The GTA gift basket will deliver it through Valentines gift delivery Ajax, in the Greater Toronto Area.

What is used in the making of rose and golden berries arrangement?

The perfect shape and taste of this Valentines day fruit basket is the result of our artisans. They have made this fruit bouquet with the following fruits & flowers, with great care:

  • Skewers of strawberries
  • Orange slices in a circular shape.
  • Blooming golden gooseberries.
  • Skewers of red grapes.
  • Honeydew or Cantaloupe wedges. (you can pick one)
  • Red roses.
  • Ice burg lettuce and kale
  • Lastly, a pale green container

Why you should buy this rose and golden berries arrangement?

  • This fruit bouquet is not just a gift. It is the token of healthy life that you can choose for your love.
  • Similarly, this valentines day gift is full of energy, sweetness and premium taste.
  • It is a beautiful blend of fruit and flowers. The flowers please the sense of smell & seeing. Similarly, the fruits are great for taste buds.
  • It is budget-friendly. Its price is just $ 89.99. You can also get a discount on that price by using promo codes that we issued from time to time.
  • The Valentines gift delivery will deliver it on its destinations on the same day, in the whole GTA.
  • You don’t need to buy extra Valentine’s flowers.
  • Most of all, it is wine free.

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