Organic Oranges and Strawberries Arrangement

What better way to show up to a gathering or show you care than a delicious and healthy organic fruit arrangement! Enjoy this delicious Organic Oranges and Strawberries Arrangement, perfect as a gift to a loved one or to bring as a favor at any gathering! Moreover, this ready-to-eat assortment of organic oranges and strawberries makes for the perfect addition to any occasion.

This healthy and delectable arrangement will satiate any sweet tooth, while looking absolutely gorgeous! Furthermore, add to this amazing party favor by including a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers. Thus the inclusion of a lovely bouquet will not go unnoticed by your lovely host.

This Organic Arrangement Includes:

  • 22 slices of organic orange
  • 6 organic strawberries
  • 13 grapes
  • 1 whole pineapple
  • kale leaves
  • a basket

We Deliver!

Take the stress off of your shoulders by allowing us to deliver your grab-and-go fruit arrangement to you or your loved one! Not only does this make the gift more special as you took the time to have it delivered to their doorstep, you no longer have to think about how you will transport it.

To conclude, if this service appeals to you (how could it not!) contact us at and 1 416-568-8009.