Are you befriended with a berry lover?
You have gotten a lifetime gift idea for your friend, because our organic strawberries and gooseberries arrangement is so alluring that it can win anyone’s heart. And if you talk about the taste, oh these are yummiest in town!

So next time you want to say thanks to your friend, send them this berry combination in return for their favor. This healthy mug will reach their doorstep the same day. More so, the freshness of the berries is guaranteed because our vendors get freshly plucked berries from Toronto farms. 

Whom should I give this berry mug as a gift?

Strawberries and Gooseberries are good for the health of heart as well as brain. Therefore, you can gift this yummy yet nutritious combination of berries to your grandparents, parents, friends, and even kids. 

Whenever kids do something for you, you always think what gift you should give them to appreciate? You can get them this mug as a token of thanks and appreciation, this way they would love to eat them.  

Taste the exquisite berries

A beautiful mug that is topped with berries in an artistic floral arrangement is every one’s favourite. Its orange and red both colors are popping out and displaying an eye-catching look because of:

  • Ripened Strawberries &
  • Fresh Gooseberries

With a slight garnishing of

  • Peach bougainvillea leaves &
  • Green iceberg leaves

There are plenty benefits of berries

If you talk about quick energy fruits, you will find berries highly nutritious, loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fibres. Moreover, if you are worried about your sugar level, they are safe to eat because of their mild natural sugar. Including berries in your daily diet plan is recommended by nutritionists since they strengthen your metabolism and fight against cancer. 

Get your berry mug arrangement now!

Order this nutritious berry arrangement today. You can also get it customized. For details call us at: 416-568-8009 

You can also order our organic basket that has other fruits, or an expression of Thanks basket that has a mix of chocolates. 

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