Salted Chocolate

Our gourmet as Salted Chocolate is combining rich chocolate, luscious soft butter, sugar, and cream.

All pieces are finest Covered Caramel Salted Chocolate. Bite into any of these Covered Caramel Salted Chocolate and get ready for a chocolate explosion in your mouth. Luscious buttercream ganache are in dark chocolates.

Make a day to remember by gifting our signature chocolate box. They will delight every scrumptious welcome surprise on every bite.

Similarly, combine these delicious delicacies with a bunch of colorful and pleasant smelling flowers. This is an extraordinary treat for your special loved ones, friends and colleagues.

This irresistible delicious Salted Chocolate is a treat that will melt in your mouth!

Do you know GTA Gift Baskets puts in the best efforts to make this wonderful dessert? The exquisite taste of our dessert comes from melting the fresh bittersweet with organic butter and cream. Savor the decadent creamy, chocolate ganache filling the center of generously coated dark and milk chocolate bites.

This is an ultimate treat for dark chocolate lovers. It is a true depiction of our propriety cooking method. That’s how we use our salted chocolate and organic ingredients. The result is a velvety smooth dessert, unlike you have ever tasted. Each item is a little slice of heaven on Earth, and you will enjoy intense taste pleasure.

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