Scrumptious is a beautiful and stylish tray of sweet delicacies best as gifts for happy occasions in your life. These best-flavored bite-sized desserts are specially made by our experts with the best quality items. A selection of best strawberries ensure excellent quality dessert and premium taste sensation in each and every bite. This snack is an ultimate combination of juicy strawberries and delicious chocolate. This amazing tray holds an enticing combination of

  • White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

These Choco covered strawberries are a delicious symbol of longevity and happiness. The leaves of strawberries are not cut for adding a beautiful and colorful pattern to this chocolate fruit duo treat. However, these little sweet snacks are so finger-licking tasty that you will surely eat those leaves too. So be cautious while feeling the heavenly taste of these sweets to not eat those leaves! In addition, the grated chocolate over the dessert is making it far more delicious. We have also swirled our strawberries with yummy dark and white liquid chocolate.

Scrumptious is a Perfect Dessert Treat to your Chief Ones!

We believe in celebrating every occasion by giving the best gift to your closest ones. This tray is a perfect chocolaty treat that guarantees to put a smile on its recipient’s face. They are a way to let them know you love them all by your heart. Convey your best feelings by giving away these mouthwatering Choco delicacies.

Giving Scrumptious as Eid gift is an adorable way to make this occasion memorable for them. Combine this incredibly sweet gift with a refreshing flower bouquet and let them know how aesthetic are you when it comes to giving a gift to the special ones of your life.

Buy the Gift Right Away!

This gourmet gift having the juicy strawberries drizzled in chocolate is one of the best ready to enjoy the gift. You can easily buy this gift by clicking it on our online shop by Gift Basket Toronto. You can also add a Teddy bear or balloons to your gift. Have the best chocolate-dipped strawberries delivered to your doorstep right now!