Single Roses & Fresh Fruits

Searching for a bright vibrant gift to surprise your friends? Single Roses & Fresh Fruits is here, all flushing with brightness. This is an absolutely perfect gift idea for anniversary. This cheerful gift will add cheers to the celebrations of this special day.

Above all, this ultimate gift combines a great variety of fruits. All are fresh and picked from the best gardens of the world. These heavenly scrumptious fruits will deliver the true juicy sensation to their taste buds. This adorable basket contains:

  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Juicy Red Cherries
  • Beautiful Red Rose

Single Roses & Fresh Fruits is an Elegant Gift!

Single Roses & Fresh Fruits is a gift that combines farm fresh fruits with red rose. Therefore, this is a way different from typical presents on occasions of anniversary. Roses signify pure love and beauty. They come in a variety of colors but our experts have chosen red ones to be a part of his charming gift.

Similarly, roses are so beautiful that they stand out among other type of flowers. So does they make this gift to stand out of other gifts.  Above all, the fragrance of roses is so pleasant, that it will deliver aroma to the soul of its recipient.

Roses included in this gift is adding a beautiful sight to behold. This gift will absolutely make a deeper connection between you and your loved ones. The recipient will truly cherish such a combination of fruits and flowers.

However, if you or your recipients are a flowers loving person, then you can add a fresh flowers bouquet to your gift too. This will absolutely enhance the beauty of this gift.

So buy this exquisite gift from GTA Gift Baskets. You can also add some cute gifts from our extra gift range. So don’t hesitate and buy it now.