Starfruit Spectacular Fruit Arrangement

Add a show stopping treat to your next event! The Starfruit Spectacular Fruit Arrangement is an extravagant array of fruit, both chocolate covered and not, all in one large arrangement. Overflowing with delectable fruit, this arrangement will surely be an eye catching piece at your next event.

This gorgeous fruit display is the perfect combination of healthy and indulgent, what more could you want? Ideal for any gathering, our arrangement is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

If you are going to go all out, might as well include a floral centerpiece with this delicious arrangement! The motto is, “go big or go home” after all, so why not?

The Starfruit Spectacular Fruit Arrangement Includes:

  • 20 spears of cantaloupe
  • 17 spears of honeydew
  • 10 skewers of red grapes
  • 8 cherries
  • 8 strawberries
  • 7 chocolate covered strawberries
  • 7 slices of starfruit
  • 6 chocolate and coconut covered strawberries
  • kale and/or iceberg lettuce

Container will vary.

We Deliver!

Allow us to make this celebration all the more important by having your fruit tray delivered! Not only does this take the stress of having another thing to do off your shoulders, but it makes the gift appear more special.

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