Sympathy Fruit Basket

Expressing your condolences is different. There are typically many things you want to say, but do not have the words to emote your feelings. With the aid of the Sympathy Fruit Basket you are able to express your sorrows in a physical manner.

While sending someone a gift basket may not appear like doing much, it does help showcase how deeply sorry you are for your loved one’s current situation. This beautifully made collection of crackers, fruits, jams, and much more may not take away the pain, but can at least show that they are in your thoughts.

As a way to make your fruit basket truly special, add a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. While it may not make the situation any less hurtful, it will show that there is someone thinking about them, and wishing them the best.

The Sympathy Fruit Basket Includes:

This basket can be customized, so feel free to inquire about your options.

  • assortment of fresh seasonal fruit
  • gourmet crackers
  • a jar of fruit preserves
  • to-go snack
  • a bottle of sparkling wine
  • a wide variety of gourmet chocolates
  • large wicker basket

We Deliver

Let us help you personalize this gift basket by having it delivered. Not only does having a gift delivered make the basket appear more thoughtful, it takes the stress off of your shoulders.

If this service appeals to you, contact us today.