Sympathy Thoughts & Prayers Gift Basket

There is no exact way to deal with tragedy. As long as you are able to comfort those around you, you will be doing the best that you can. Help show that you are thinking of them in their moment of need with the Sympathy Thoughts & Prayers Gift Basket.

Not only does it include a wide variety of treats, but it displays that you are there for them in a variety of ways. While there may be nothing you can do to take away the pain, showing your loved one that you cares and are sincerely sorry is the best thing you can do.  Adding a bouquet of flowers will be both a beautiful touch and help activate their senses.

The Gourmet Foods Included are:

  • Box White chocolate truffles,
  • Box chocolate chip cookies,
  • Package of truffles,
  • white chocolate bar,
  • Package of butter cookies,
  • Chocolate Bar Godiva
  • Cheese spread,
  • and more…

We Deliver!

Getting a surprise package is not only a pleasant occurrence, but demonstrates that time and thought went into such a lovely gift.

If that option interests you, please contact us at or call at 416-568-8009 for delivery within the Greater Toronto Area.