If I tell you that New Year 2021 is going to be on the 12th of February then what would be your reaction? You will think of me as a lunatic. In 2021 the 12th of February marks the beginning of Chinese New Year. It is also known as Spring festival 2021 or Lunar New Year. Therefore, happy Chinese new year, from GTA gift baskets (the home of best gift baskets Toronto) to all Canadians.

Chinese New Year 2021 and Canadians:

According to an estimate, there are 1.7 million people of Chinese ethnicity living in Canada.  As everyone knows, Canadians are welcoming to everyone’s traditions and culture. The Canadian Govt. is also well aware of the importance of Chines New Year for Canadians of Chinese ethnicity. Therefore, on every CNY (Chinese New Year) which is also known as Lunar New Year, the Canadian Prime Minister issues a statement of Happy Chinese New Year. Furthermore, it is really fun for many Canadians to see the Lion & Dragon dance parades in the streets and other events on CNY celebrations. These celebrations include firecrackers & firework displays, traditional foods, cultural performing arts gala, Lantern festival and etc.

How people celebrate the Chinese New Year 2021 in Canada?

Chinese New Year is the start of a new beginning. Therefore, everyone wants it to be perfect, and according to Chinese traditions. There are many traditions around the Lunar New Year celebrations. However, the following are the most important and more common traditions observed by Canadian Chinese:

  • Everyone decorates their home, offices, shops, and front doors (even streets). Most of the decorations revolve around the red color. According to Chinese traditions, red color is the color of luck and strength.
  • The second most important tradition is family dinner on New Year’s Eve. Everyone cooks traditional foods and enjoy the company of food and family.
  • The third tradition is the display of firecrackers and fireworks.
  • The fourth most important tradition is for children. Elder members of the family give red envelopes that contain money inside.

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How you can celebrate this Lunar New Year 2021 amid Covid-19?

As we all know that vaccines for Coronavirus have been prepared. However, the Covid-19 has not ended yet. Therefore, it is highly recommended that everyone should follow the standard operating procedures to stop the spread of Covid-19 during celebrations. The following are some celebrations ideas for Canadians originating from China:

  • Exchange gifts on this auspicious day. Start the 1st day of lunar New Year by presenting or sending gift baskets Toronto to your friends, colleagues, and family members. This year we have some exciting offers for you in our happy Chinese New Year collection of gift baskets Toronto. We will wrap these gift baskets Toronto in red gift packing to make them outstanding and perfect for a happy Chinese New Year.
  • Share beautiful memories of you with your family to everyone at the family gatherings.
  • Your health is more important than anything else. Therefore, watch the Dragon and Lion dance parade shows on TV or smartphones with your family instead of going out.
  • If your family members are living in other cities or provinces of Canada then arrange a virtual party for them. Or you can contact us to deliver gift baskets Toronto along with lovely flowers at their destination.
  • Send a lucky bamboo house plant to your loved ones as a gesture of good luck and happiness on this eve of happiness.
  • Don’t forget poor people on this CNY. Help them as much as you can so that they may also celebrate this happy occasion with their families.
  • Do some charity work for community development.

Lunar New Year 2021 and gift baskets Toronto:

Gift Baskets, decorations, and flowers are indispensable to any type of celebration. The first day of the spring festival is for celebrations with your immediate family members. The rest of the days of the 1st week of New Year are for relatives and friends. Therefore, grab this opportunity to strengthen your relationships. You can do the following activities these days:

  • Amid Covid-19, it is appropriate to send gifts to your relatives and friends instead of physically visiting them.
  • Send best wishes and greetings on a gift card packed in red envelope to your relatives, friends, colleagues, and older people. This will introduce them to your Chinese traditions and culture if they don’t know about it.
  • If someone, in your relative or friends, is annoyed with you then present or send him some gift baskets. This is the best way to initiate a talk between you. Then you can clear all the misunderstandings.

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Frequently asked questions:

1. What are the most important Chinese New Year traditions?

Decorating houses, having a family reunion dinner on Chines New Year’s Eve, fireworks, and giving red envelopes filled with money to children are the most important Chinese traditions on CNY.


2. How long do people celebrate Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year celebrations will start from 11th of February 2021 and will end on 26th of February 2021, with the Lantern Festival.


According to Chinese traditions, what things are forbidden during the Chinese New Year?

The cleaning of houses is forbidden on New Year’s Day. According to traditions, the sweep in homes will take out all the good luck from your house.


Why everything is red on Chinese New Year?

According to Chinese traditions, the red color is for good luck, prosperity, good health, and strength. Therefore, everyone decorates their houses, shops, and offices with red decorations.