Valentine’s Day is the day to express your feelings of love and care to someone special. In modern days, it is celebrated in most of the countries of the world. The same is the case with Canada. This day is for the expression of love and care. This love can be for your parents, children, grandparents, friends, pets and etc. Therefore, celebrate happy Valentine’s Day with your family and loved ones.  This event lasts for one week which is called Valentine Week. People in Canada indulge in celebrations of love with their Valentine this week.

 One research reveals that around 71 % of Canadian plan to buy some valentines day gifts for him, gift ideas for women, gifts for boyfriend, and Valentines day cards, accordingly.  Similarly, 36 % Canadian love to have a Valentine Day meal.  So this highlights the importance of this day in Canada.

Who is the most important person on Happy Valentine’s Day?


          When it comes to romance on V-Day, the most important person is your wife/husband or your fiancée. If you have not married yet then this important personality is your girlfriend/boyfriend. As we described earlier, this day is not only for romance. You can also express your feelings for anyone on this day.  Therefore, you can also wish a very happy Valentine to the following on Happy Valentine’s Day:


  • Parents.
  • Friends.
  • Children.
  • Grandparents.
  • Siblings.


All of these people are closer to your heart. So why not give them a surprise by sending some spirited Valentine flowers, gift baskets, and fruit bouquets. GTA Gift Basket has specially prepared some of the most amazing gifts for this day. Do visit our website and order pleaser gift boxes for your loved ones.

 5 best ideas to celebrate happy Valentine’s Day with your husband/wife:

In our daily hectic routine, we got very little time even for ourselves and for our loved ones. The V-Day holiday gives us a chance to pamper our loved ones with our presence and with amazing gifts. The following are some best ideas to celebrate this day with your wife or husband:

  1. Start your day by giving a surprise breakfast, made with your hands, to your wife. You can prepare breakfast by waking up early in the morning while she sleeps. This will remind her that you care a lot for her.
  2. Pamper your wife with a classy spa gift basket. This will be the relaxing treatment that you can give her on that day.
  3. Take your wife on a long drive and far away from the worries of daily life. Or both of you can pay a short visit to her parents. She will also get a chance to meet her parents.

  4. If your wife is a chocoholic then you should also buy some premium chocolates for her. Furthermore, chocolate is also a symbol of love and romance. Order one from our huge variety of Chocolate gift baskets.
  5. The end of the day should be complemented with a romantic candlelit dinner at home. Both of you can partake in the preparations for this romantic dinner. Helping each other will strengthen the bonding between the two of you.   


 How to celebrate Happy Valentine’s Day with your children?

            Children are pure love. They bring smiles to your faces with their cute activities. Children love holidays, fun activities, gifts, and outdoor activities. So you can enjoy your V-Day with your children. The following are some amazing celebration ideas for you and your children.

  • Bake Cookies: on V-Day bake some special cookies for your children. You can also make some other meals liked by your children.

  • Surprise gift baskets: Give your children a pleasant surprise in the shape of an amazing gift basket for all of your children.

  • Decoration of your home/room: Children love to do new things. So you can ask them to decorate their rooms for celebrations or for a family meal in the evening. They will be really excited while decorating the room or dining table.
  • Teach them to help needy people:  You can instill a great message in them by practically helping out the needy people on this day.

What are the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him (Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend)?

            Prior to the selection of a gift basket, there are certain factors that should be kept in mind. These factors are:

  • Quality.
  • Price.
  • Compatibility with the event.
  • Liking of the recipient.

 At GTA Gift Basket, we have a variety of gifts with the best quality at a reasonable price. Our gifts baskets are famous for their presentations, great taste, and premium quality food items. The following are some of the amazing Valentine’s Day gifts for him:

1. Godiva Chocolate Arrangement Happy Valentine's Day


          Blast your Valentine with the premium taste of Godiva chocolates and other Godiva adjuncts. Enjoy the luxury of life with these premium chocolate bites. From the delightful den of GTA Gift Baskets, we aspire to serve the love of your life! Wish a very happy Valentine’s Day to your Valentine on any day of Valentine’s week.





2. Roses & Golden Berries Arrangement


            The red roses, flowering golden gooseberries, red bites of strawberries, and red grapes are all set to say the magical words of love. Premium fruit bouquet with red roses on top is an awesome gift basket for the spectacle of your love to him.



Some useful tips for happy Valentine’s Day celebrations:

  • Add some beautiful flowers in your gift basket to wish him/her on V-Day.
  • The addition of a plush teddy bear is also a special thing for the recipient.
  • Valentine’s Day card with your specialized message on it will rekindle your passion and feeling of love for each other.
  • If you want to add something special or any other unique item then you can call us on our number i.e. +1 416-568-8009.


If you have any question with regard to any gift basket, gift ideas, or for celebration then contact us at +1 416-568-8009. Enjoy a very happy Valentine’s Day with your family, loved one and friends.