Flowers are a sincere expression of love, care, and friendship. “12 Long Stem Pink Roses Boxed” convey your care sentiments to your friends and closed ones. Presenting flowers are among those precious things that never get old. It’s a tradition which has been working well since ages. 

Just think about those times when you have received a beautiful bouquet – it will make you smile.

When you care, it is reflected through your every action; big or small. When you present flowers out of care and affection, your body gestures send positive vibes to the other person, this is what makes a huge difference in strengthening your bond with your loved ones. Gestures of care when conveyed through flowers, their impact keeps on magnifying. 

The pink Rose bouquet in box 

In order to ensure freshness, 12 long stem roses are packed in a graceful white box. They are packed when half bloomed-buds and will be at their full bloom until they are shipped to you which means you get the freshness and fragrance together.

These gorgeous pink flowers make a perfect gift for your friend, co-worker, darling, or whomever you admire as a symbol of grace.

Specs of 12 Long Stem Pink Roses boxed

  • 12 refreshing pink roses come with long stems to enhance beauty.
  • To keep their freshness, roses are packed in white boxes. 
  • Make a beautiful and simple vase flower arrangement.
  • Same day delivery in Toronto and Richmond Hill, and fast delivery across Canada’s cities.
  • Stay fresh and fragrant for up to 7 days if handled with proper care.

Check out our decent pink flower collection if you are planning to pay a visit to your grandmother, best friend or someone you care about. You can take these bouquets along while visiting any relative, it fits your everyday visit needs. The recipient will be super happy to put pink blooms in a glass vase.